Latest Emerging Trends in Software Testing

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Software companies are coping up with more and more overwhelming evolution of automation in industry. Software designing, development and testing fields are running hands in hand. To cope up with this rapid changes / evolution there are some latest emerging trends in software testing to test the designed and developed software.

Each and every one individual wants to build best and quality product as early as possible. Time and quality plays vital role in shifting the landscape of software testing market

Following are the latest emerging trends in software testing-:
1] Featured Open Source Tool:-

Coming era will come to see a lot of open source tools. Support / testing team can help to open source tool to become more and more involve and active.

2] Quality and Performance:-

Building quality and performance always act as a major judging factor to deliver in market for the end user.

3] New Digital Transformation:-

To make digital world, majority organization works for digital transformation to make easy human life. So to optimize focusing functionalities require functional testing to across channel.

4] Higher Automation Level:-

Automation level helps to minimize high pressure and time-to-time change in market requirement testing teams are trying to adopt higher automation wherever possible

5] Continuous Integration and Independent Software:-

With growth in emerging technology like social media and mobility and need for software that can be integrated or independent to multiple platforms, systems are becoming more vulnerable. There will be more demand for testers with exposure to different contexts.

6] Big Data Testing:-

It is used to test huge volume of data. Need to have good strategies around big data testing.

7] Mobile Application Testing:-

Growing and up gradation in mobile technology it is essential to support better communicate and connect with each other or world

8] Cloud Computing Testing:-

Almost one third of software will be hosted on the cloud but business still lack of business infrastructure for cloud computing. For such type of infra industry needs some emerging trends in software testing as testing services

9] Security Testing:-

Need to focus on system robustness and security to handling sensitive data.

10] Agile Testing:-

Making a shift towards quality engineering, testing is intended to become more iterative, progressive, and seamlessly integrated with development.

11] Context Driven Testing:-

Context driven testing to become more popular as it ensures more testing coverage from diverse angles

12] ERP Testing:-

Specialized testing skills and methodologies are crucial for a smooth rollout and upgrade of ERP packages.

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