Java Basics Makes Easy to Learn Selenium

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How Java basics makes easy to learn Selenium –: As far as Selenium concerned we have to know the Java basic knowledge for creating simple Selenium test automation scripts. When considering the language based client drivers if we use Java then here are some Java topics that you need to know or learn for a better understanding and Selenium scripting.

Following are the Java basics makes easy to learn Selenium:
1. OOP’s concepts with example

2. Variables

3. fundamental data types (String, Integer, Boolean) and their operators

4. Condition statement and looping statement

5. Arrays

6. Packages

7. Exception Handling

8. Methods of String class

9. List and Set

10. Upcasting and Runtime Polymorphism

11. Read and Write files

12. Use Java API

13. OOPs concepts with examples

After learning the above said basic concepts, you should be able to create basic or pretty good test of automation scripts with Selenium.

Why Java for Selenium -:
– High level
– Platform independent
– Object orientation

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