ISTQB Certification Sample Question Papers With Answers

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If you are preparing ISTQB Foundation level certification to become certified tester following are the ISTQB dump are very useful. You can try it as ISTQB mcq and mock test paper to crack foundation level.

ISTQB certification sample question papers with answers (Foundation Level) -:
1] Which of the following is major task of test planning
A] Scheduling the analysis and design task
B] Initiating corrective action
C] Monitoring progress and test coverage
D] Measuring and analysing result

2] Failure means
A] Deviation of the component
B] System fails to perform
C] Human actions that produces incorrect result
D] None of the above

3] Testing help us to measure
A] Functionality
B] System performance
C] Quality of software in terms of the number of defect found, the test run and system covered by the test
D] Defect found

4] The process of finding, analysing and removing the causes of the failure called
A] Failure
B] Debugging
C] Error
D] Mistakes

5] —————– is a document describing the scope, approach, resources, schedule and other activities
B] Testing Policy
C] Test Document
D] Test Plan

6] Which of the following statement is correct?
A] Regression testing verify success of corrective action
B] Regression testing ensure defect have not been introduced by a modification
C] Regression testing motivate to different types of testing
D] Regression testing preventing approach to incorrect result

7] Testing should be stopped when:
A] All the planned tests have been run
B] Time has run out
C] All faults have been fixed correctly
D] Both A. and C.
E] I depend on the risks for the system being tested

8] Build verification testing is
A] Same as smoke testing
B] Test after each build to ensure defect
C] Both A and B
D] None

9] A recently formed Kumar pvt. Ltd. Developed software product for general market for large number of customers and delivered in identical format is called
A] On-the-shelf
B] Off-the-shelf
D] Both B and C

10] Which are the following test types?
A] Component testing
B] Functional testing
C] System Testing
D] All of these

11] Which of the following is the main purpose of the integration testing in the small project?
A] To ensure that all of the small modules are tested adequately
B] To ensure that the system interfaces to other systems and networks
C] To specify which modules to combine when and how many at once
D] To ensure that the integration testing can be performed by a small team
E] To specify how the software should be divided into modules

12] Which of the following is part of system testing?
A] Functional testing
B] Non functional testing
C] Performance testing
D] All of these

13] Which of the following is not part of the performance testing?
A] Measuring transaction rate
B] Recovery testing
C] Measuring response time
D] Generating transactions

14] A software tools that translate program high level language into machine language is called
A] Compiler
B] Interpreter
C] Both A and B
D] None of these

15] Static analysis is
A] Same as static testing
B] Done by developer
C] Both A and B
D] None

16] Cyclomatic complexity calculated by using ——————– formula
A] E-N+2
B] E+N+2
C] E-N-2
D] All of these

17] ———— is the ability of identify related items in documentation and software
A] Identification
B] Techniques
C] Traceability
D] All of these

18] It is not included in IEEE 829 test plan documentation standard
A] Test items
B] Test deliverables
C] Test tasks
D] Test environment
E] Test specification

19] Black box testing also known as —————–
A] Input / Output driven
B] Specifications based test design
C] Both A and B
D] None

20] Equivalence partitioning is a —————
A] Black box testing
B] White box testing
C] Both A and B
D] None

21] Functional testing is ——————
A] Validation techniques
B] Verification techniques
C] Both of the above
D] None

22] Valid and invalid values of BVA of 1 to 99 is
A] Valid 2, 98, 55 and Invalid 0, 100
B] Valid 1, 99 and Invalid 0, 100
C] Both A and B
D] Valid 1, 99 and Invalid 1, 100

23] Cause effect graph is synonyms of
B] Equivalence Partitioning
C] Both A and B
D] Decision Table

24] If (condition A && (condition B function ()))
Statement 1;
Statement 2;
A] Decision coverage
B] Condition coverage
C] Statement coverage
D] Path Coverage

25] Error guessing is used
A] Only by end user
B] After system has gone live
C] After more formal techniques
D] All of these

26] State transition testing used in
A] Finite number of different states
B] Infinite number of different states
C] Finite and infinite number of different states
D] None

27] Experience based techniques are
A] Error guessing
B] Exploratory testing
C] Both A and B
D] None

28] Following is directed and focused attempt to evaluate the quality
A] Error guessing
B] Exploratory testing
C] Functional testing
D] Fault attach

29] A Test Plan Outline contains which of the following:
1. Test Items
2. Test Scripts
3. Test Deliverables
4. Responsibilities
A] 1, 2, 3 are true and 4 is false
B] 1, 3, 4 are true and 2 is false
C] 2, 3 are true and 1 and 4 are false
D] All true

30] Panning, estimating, monitoring and controlling of test activities typically carried out by ———
A] Test management
B] Test plan
C] Test monitoring
D] All of these

31] Configuration management is
1. Status accounting of configuration items
2. Auditing conformance to ISO9001
3. Identification of test versions
4. Record of changes to documentation over time
A] 1, 2 are false and 3, 4 are true
B] 1, 3, 4 are false and 2 is true
C] 1, 2 are true and 3, 4 are false
D] 2 is false and 1, 3, 4 are true

32] IEEE 829 standard test plan template contain
A] Test plan identifier, Test plan deliverables
B] Test items, Test task
C] Schedule, pass-fail, roles and responsibilities
D] All of these

33] The ratio of the number of failure of a given category to a given unit of measure is
A] Failure rate
B] Defect rate
C] Both A and B
D] None

34] Test managers should not:
A] Report on deviations from the project plan
B] Sign the system off for release
C] Both A and B
D] Re-allocate resource to meet original plans

35] ———— is input for developing test plan
A] Project plan
B] Business plan
C] Support plan
D] All of these

36] Which is not the fundamental test process
A] Planning and control
B] Test closure activities
C] Analysis and design
D] None

37] ———— is a tool that supports the validation of model of the system
A] Modelling tool
B] Static analysis tool
C] Review tool
D] None

38] A tool use by programmer to reproduce failure, investigate the state of program find the defect
A] Debugging tool
B] Analysis tool
C] Both A and B
D] None

39] Which is not project risk?
A] Supplier issue
B] Technical issue
C] Organization issue
D] Error prone software delivered

40] Which of the following is a major task of test implementation and execution?
A] Measuring and analyzing results
B] Reporting discrepancies as incidents
C] Identifying test conditions or test requirements
D] Assessing if more tests are needed

ISTQB syllabus and marking scheme

Correct answers with question number
1] A 2] A 3] C 4] B 5] D 6] B 7] A 8] C 9] D 10] D
11] C 12] D 13] B 14] A 15] C 16] A 17] C 18] E 19] C 20] A
21] A 22] C 23] D 24] B 25] C 26] A 27] C 28] D 29] B 30] A
31] D 32] D 33] C 34] D 35] B 36] D 37] A 38] A 39] D 40] B

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