Interview Questions on Selenium

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Interview questions on selenium basic and webdriver for freshers. Selenium is a tool used for browser automation which is composed by IDE, recording and playback mechanism. Following are the frequently asked questions in interview

1. What is selenium
2. What is difference between QTP and Selenium
3. What is difference between current and previous version of selenium
4. What are the tests performed by selenium
5. Is selenium is commercial or open source
6. Which programming language is best for selenium test
7. What is TestNG
8. What is frameworks and what are the different frameworks
9. What is Datadriven framework and Keyword driven framework
10. What is selenium IDE
11. What are the components of selenium
12. What is selenium RC (Remote Control)
13. What is selenium WebDriver
14. What are the types of drivers in WebDriver
15. What is selenium Grid
16. How RC, WebDriver and Grid works
17. What is difference between selenium IDE and selenium RC
18. How many browsers are supported by selenium
19. Which are the languages used in selenium RC
20. What is selenese
21. What are the types of locators in selenium
22. Which parameter can we pass in selenium
23. What is same origin policy
24. What is implicit and explicit wait
25. What is object repository
26. How to verify contents, video and images in selenium
27. What is findElement and findElements
28. What are the commands used in selenium
29. How can we read data from different format
30. Can we automate radio button
31. Can we maximize window

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