Interview Questions on QTP

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Interview Questions on QTP for Freshers. QTP Quick Test Professional is a product of Hewlett Packard (HP) which uses Visual Basic Scripting. It helps to tester to performs an automated testing functionality

1. What is QTP
2. What are the extensions used in QTP
3. Which technologies support to QTP
4. What are the default add-ins in QTP
5. Does QTP run in any environment
6. Why is Initial and End conditions in automated tests important to consider and plan for?
7. What are the views in QTP GUI
8. What is the difference between keyword view and expert view
9. What are the modes of recording in QTP
10. How to start and stop recording using keyboard
11. Is it possible to customize keyword view font and colors
12. What is characterization
13. What is object repository and how it works
14. What are the types of object repository
15. What is the difference between shared and local object repository
16. When we will use shared object repository and when local object repository
17. When object repository read
18. Can we modify shared object repository
19. What is object spy
20. What is virtual object
21. How we can call from one action to other action
22. What is step generator
23. What is test fusion report
24. How can handle exceptions in QTP
25. What is run time data table
26. What is check point and output value
27. How Reporter.ReportEvent Works

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