Independent Testing

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What is -: Independent testing is a software testing activity to avoid author biased and is more effective and reliable to find out the defect and failure. Especially it is performed by testing specialists who have not been involved in the system’s enhancement to ensure that the delivered software meets both functional and non-functional user specified requirements.

It is used in load testing to check performance of system.

It helps to identify system break down point.

Following are the levels of independent software testing -:
1] Designed by a person from a different organization
2] Independent testing team should be from within or different organization
3] Independent tester may be developer or tester
4] Can be tested by outsourced person or certified external body

The quality of your organization applications determine the maximum leverage derived out of them -:
– Requirement analysis
– Test strategies and design
– Test case development
– Test case execution
– Analyze and report
– Retest and review

Benefits of independent testing -:
1] Increase confidence
2[Improve quality
3] Reduce risk
4] Reduce cost
5] More reliable and usable

Risk -:
1] Possibility of testing team and tester can get isolate
2] It may lead communication problem and feeling unfriendliness
3] May can blame

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