How to Prepare and Crack Online Virtual Video Interview

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Preparing for the interview questions counts your efforts and accountability. Cracking the interview questions and answers shows your confidence, capability, flexibility and attitude towards the work and company. Conducting online virtual video interview saves time of both candidate and employer. These articles focus on how to prepare and crack.

To crack the interview you should know and prepare for the interview as what types of questions to be asked in interview, required interview skills, job skills, and skills to crack video interview or online virtual video interview.

Some tips to prepare online virtual video interview:

While preparing for the online virtual video interview, following list of activities can be play major role to crack the interview.

1] Check number of application and websites available for the online virtual video interview:

If you know the types of websites and mobile application available for the online virtual video interview and which application and platform used by employer then its easy to prepare for the interview

2] Check Internet Connection:

Before heading for the interview, check internet connection to remains connected for the smooth conduction of interview.

3] Distraction free background:
While giving online virtual video interview always use distraction free background to make excellent conversation

4] Lightening in the room or surrounding:

While you are appearing for the virtual video interview then proper lightening should be there for good visibility. Dark surrounding may create wrong impression which leads to take unhealthy decision.
5] Angle and eye contact position:
Make correct angle and eye contact at the time of online virtual video interview and keep your body language open to make interactive. This activity will help you to show how confident you are.

6] Dressing/Clothing:

Wear proper formal at the time of online virtual video interview. You need to keep in mind, dressing/clothing color as per your seating arrangement and its background color. Also remember about effect of light or surrounding effect.

7] Mock interview preparation:

As per the known tools, start preparing mock interview.

Tips to crack online virtual video interview:

To get comfortable speaking to the camera, you can follow bellow activities to crack the online virtual video interview.

1] Record video
2] Check audio/voice clarity and camera visibility with clarity
3] Correct changes wherever required
4] Start practice with your friends
5] Ask for suggestions and recommendation
6] Improve for betterment
Practice make perfect
Run or do several videos to check your progress towards success.
Think like it is yours show


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