10 Way to Earn Money from Blogging in 2020

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Are you expertise in any field? Do you have interest to share your idea? Do you want to know how bloggers get paid and how much money can make through blogging? Then you are on right post to know which are the top 10 ways to earn money through blogging in 2020.

Successful blogger can make five figures or more than six figure money per month and other blogger might be generating no income at all.

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There are so many bloggers or websites earning significant money as they expressed their expertise thought

honestly and succeed to pull traffic.

Once you ready with your blog / website then start getting good views and build influence.

Following are the top 10 ways to earn money from Blogging in 2020.

1] Ad networks like AdSense

2] Affiliate Marketing

3] Native Advertising

4] Direct Advertisements

5] Launch online course and Sell Digital products

6] Direct Advertisements as Intermediate

7] Sponsored Reviews/Paid reviews

8] Run campaign for brands

9] Offer Services based on your skills

10] Offer Online consulting

In 2020, digital media specially blogging has become most profitable online profession and people at large started blogging to earn money or express thought.

Want to start blog then following steps will help you:

STEP 1 Identify Your Niche

STEP 2 Get a Domain & Web Hosting

STEP 3 Configure Your Blog

STEP 4 Writing Contents

STEP 5 Get good views and

STEP 6 Apply for AdSense, Affiliate marketing or other techniques

STEP 6 Monetize/Make Money Online

Every bloggers use different technics to earn money through blogging and try to grow audience.
Blogging is a pretty easy to make extra money per month.


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