How to do Marketing on Facebook

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Facebook is a largest social media network among the several available social media networks. Facebook has around 2 billion users every month to connect with friends and family and to discover things that matter.This article focus on how to do marketing on face book.

It is not limited to connect with friends and family, now it is most preferred social media site for marketing on Facebook.

According to eMarketer, 41% of US small businesses now use Facebook as part of their online marketing strategy. In fact, along with strategy Facebook helps you to find new customers and builds all-time relationship with them.

Every marketer wants to take opportunity of the Facebook large user data base to grow business widely, reach to targeted customer located in any corners of city/state/country in small amount of time and stay connected with them.

Now, main questions are:

How to do marketing on Facebook?

How to reach customers in a stipulated time?

How to stay connected with customer?

How to grow widely?

Then the answer is here.

1] Create facebook page:

Create your facebook page for your business by selecting category, entering business name, information, photos and call to action button.

Click here to know about business category

Click here to create business facebook page

2] Add cover photo and profile picture:

Add relevant and best suitable cover photo and profile picture for your created facebook business page. It helps to recognize your business product or services.

3] Add features in your business page:

Turn on messaging so that people can send private messages to your created page to ask questions get in touch or make suggestion about product or services provided by business.

4] Promotes your business page:

Once you create a page and add features, invite your customers to connect with you there to get in touch and know what’s going on.

5] Publish your page contents:

To extend the reach of your posts beyond your page follower by boosting your page post/content and selecting the people you want to connect with.

6] Engage customer:

After publishing posts/photos/videos /event on page, it helps to targeted customer stay with you. So you have to engage your customer through frequently page publishing.

7] Measure and Manage;

Measure and manage how your created business page is performing. It helps to define your content strategy. Also it helps to understand how your page helps to grow your audience to accomplish your business goals.

8] Get people insights:

It used to understand consumer behavior across generation, geographic, deice and time.

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