How to do Effective Marketing

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Here are the list of effective marketing tips to help boost your sales, promote your business and product, increase your customer and grow your business in multiple times.

When you become a expert or master in how to sell a product online as well as traditional way, increase customer base, formulate marketing strategies, and build brand equity then you give your business a chance to succeed.

If we succeed to solve and implement following list of questions as per given by “Philip Kotler in his Marketing Management 12e” book then your business has a great success.

1] How can we spot and choose the right market segment

2] How can we differentiate our offering?

3] How should we respond to customers who buy on price?

4] How can we compete against lower cost, lower price competition?

5] How far can we go in customizing our offering for each customer?

6] How can we grow our business?

7] How can we build stronger business and brand equity?

8] How can we reduce the cost of customer acquisition?

9] How can we keep our customer loyal for longer?

10] How can we tell which customers are more important?

11] How can we measure the payback from advertising, sales, promotion and business relation?

12] How can we improve sales force productivity?

13] How can we establish multiple channels and yet manage channel conflict?

14] How can we get the other company department to be more customers oriented?

Along with above listed questions and their answers you can also try to implement following effective marketing strategies

  • Discus your current customer
  • Bundle your product and product services
  • Ask your referral and be connected with your current customer and referral
  • Create network
  • Use social media
  • Build relation
  • Offer discount and coupons
  • Raise your price

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