How to Check Image is Fake or Not

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In the age of technology anything is possible to do with anyone even though it an unlawful. Someone wants to break image, bad publicity of other they usually play with this kind of game unethically. So it need of everyone to know how to check images is fake or not.

It is also related to quick way to verify actual images and picture has been copied or not using reverse image search. It helps in how to check fake image or not by Google , TinEye reverse image search and fake image detector

People are more cautious of reflexively hitting share of “Fake News” on social media. Those are not aware they can easily trap.

Now it is very easy to know using technology of others technology. But how can you quickly verify whether what you are seeing is true or not and it is possible to know by using following way.

Following are the tricks to check image is fake or not, copied or not, actual or morphed as:

1] By Google Image (Google Reverse Image Search):

It helps to know when picture was first used and where and when the event is portrays happened. It shows credible source of image. It is used to check by image URL or uploaded image

Steps to know how it works:

I] Go to

II] Click on Images of right side of top corner

III] Click on search by image icon of search box

IV] Paste image URL or Upload an image

V] Click on search by image

VI] Display result of source of image

2] By TinEye Reverse Image Search:

It search by image or image source and find where that image appear online

Steps to know how it works:

I] Go to

II] Click on Up-arrow or paste image source in search box

III] Press enter

IV] Display result of source of image

3] Fake Image Detector:

This is smart phone app used to verify a photo or poster of which you have taken a picture.

4] Other Apps:

From the Chrome or Firefox app store

Steps to know how it works:

I] Open Chrome or Firefox

II] Open

III] Click on “Google Apps” of right side of top corner

IV] Select play store

V] Search Fake image detector app

VI] Display result related to available apps like

Fake Image Detector

Image Detector

Photo Fraud Detector

Search by Image

Image Recognizer and many more

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