How to Answer Tell Me About Yourself

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“Tell me about yourself” is a common interview question which is asked by every interviewer to the candidates. I think this is first question leads to the rest of interview question and helps to make little bit comfortable by starting to know yourself.

“Tell me about yourself” question seems easy to know all about yourself. But keep in mind responding to this question you are giving invitation in the context of job interview which can lead further question. So while you are answering “Tell me about yourself” you should be careful what need to be include in your answer.

“Tell me about yourself” question’s answer always should include following points in the form of past, present and future like:

1] Personal

2] Educational

3] Professional

Answer of this leaves the impression that you are:

Ditsy or naive
Unprepared for the interview (so not really very interested)
Simply a risk for the company

While answering you need not tell story about your life. You just need to emphasize how your are how you are qualified, capable, skilled and fit for the applied profile.

A simple formula for answering “tell me about yourself” is to break your answer into following parts:

A] How you are qualified

B] Why you have applied

C] How you are fit for the applied profile

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