How Operating System Works

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Operating system is a system software which manages all hardware and software resources of the device. The feeling of everything is in control once you start/turn on the computer but behind this process Operating System plays vital role in handling of all necessary tasks. So it is interesting to know how operating system works.

What is Operating System?

Operating system acts as an intermediary between the computer user and the computer hardware.

It is large and complex, it must be created piece by piece. Each of these pieces should be well defined portion of the system, with clearly mentioned input, output and functions.

How Operating System works?

What operating system do and what exactly operating system’s role in the overall computer system/ during the task. While performing the task computer system divide into four major components viz.

I] Hardware

II] Operating System

III] System and Application Program

IV] User


System and Application Program

Operating System

Computer Hardware


I] Hardware:

It consist basic computing resources for the system.

Example: Central Processing Unit (CPU), Memory, input/output (I/O) devices

II] Operating System:

The operating system controls and coordinates the use of the hardware among the various application program for the various user.

III] System and Application Program:

Defines the way in which these resources are used to solve user’s computing resources to solve user computing problems.

Example: Word processor, Spreadsheet, Compiler, Web browser etc.

IV] User:

Interface being used for the computation purpose.

Let’s see how it is?

Step – 1

User sit in front of PC and started access or connected to the minicomputer/workstation through monitor, keyboard, mouse and system unit.

System performance is important to the user instead of resource utilization.

Step – 2

Being an inter mediator and manager of having resources like CPU time, Memory space, File storage space, I/O devices, and so on, OS started to allocate resources as per the computation.

Facing numerous and possible conflicting request for resources, the OS must decide how to allocate them and call them to specific program and user so that it can operate the computer system efficiently and fairly.

OS also acts as control program which manages the execution of user programs to prevent errors and improper use of the computer.

It attention on 100% performance and resources utilization.

Step – 3

Actual experience of optimized performance

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