Hospital Management System Test Plan

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Name of  Product : Hospital Management System Test Plan
Prepared by: Mr. Ninad
Reviewed by : Mr.Rahul                        Date : …… / ….. /…..
1] Introduction -:
It is a computerized management system for Employees, Doctors (consultants), Nurses, Patients, Bills and report

2] Scope -:
It can be used in any Hospital, Clinic, Dispensary or Pathology labs for maintaining patient details and their test results with history.

3] Hardware Requirement -:
– Min 10 GB Hard Disk
– Min 512mb RAM
– Dual-Core Processor
– Monitor

4] Environment Requirement -:
Hardware: Dual Core or above machines
Software: Microsoft Windows XP installed

5] Testing Strategies -:
A] Unit testing -:
Definition -: Test individual unit of HMS
Tested by -:Developer
Methodology -: Test individual unit of HMS

B] Integration and System Testing -:
Definition -: Integration testing test two or more than two integrated models
System testing test functional and non functional user requirement.
Tester by -: Tester
Methodology -: It is used for integrated model, functional and non functional user requirement.

C] Performance Testing -:
Definition -: It measure performance / response under critical, load and stress condition
Tested by -: Tester
Methodology -: Measure performance under critical, stress and load system

D] Regression Testing -:
Definition -: Used to uncover new errors in existing functionality after changes have been made.
Tested by -: Tester
Methodology -: Test system response after functional enhancements in existing system.

6] Test Schedule -:

S.N Particulars Est. Start T. Est. End T. Actual Start T Actual End. T
1 Login
2 Bill

7] Resource & Roles/Responsibilities -:

S.N Resource Responsibility
1 Vishal Designer
2 Kamlesh Developer

8] Features to be Tested -:
– GUI test
– Database test
– Basic operations: add/update/delete/view/search query records in each table
– Advanced operations: start/stop, backup, recover the database
– Check-in and Check-out Patient
– Bill

9] Control Procedures -:
Database not working properly – Changed database from one DB to other
Network is jam – We Change our Network Broadband
Poorly documented modules – Appoint Skill person and make Schedule to Complete that module

10] Risk and Mitigation -:
I] Reassigned Developer, staff in limited staff to avoid pending Work
II] Keep battery or generator back up to avoid light problem

11] Tools -:
– Selenium

12] Approval -:
1. Mr. John
2. Mr. Kumar

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