Group Discussion Topics

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Group Discussion (GD) Topics for Competitive Exams and Campus Drives-:

1. Role of Computers / IT in our day to day life
2. IT – A pros and cons
3. Computer progress should be helpful for human progress
Social -:
1. Should Government Ban On Child Labor
2. Literacy v/s Education
3. Should porn stars be accepted in Indian film industry?
4. English language should be made the Official Language
5. Love marriage is better than arrange marriage
6. Are Hindi movies harming our culture?
7. Sons are more caring than daughters
8. Brain-Drain has to be stopped
9. Being rich is being successful
10. Is reservation for women helpful to society?
11. Joint family v/s single family
12. Should journalism out of the premises of censorship
13. NGOs – Do they serve people’s interests?
14. Rain water harvesting is the need of future
1. Is education qualifications required for politician?
2. Necessity of Women Quota for Women Empowerment
3. Retirement of politician age should be decided
4. Should voters be given NOTA (None of the above) in democracy?

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