Functions of Operating System (OS)

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As a core system software program, basic functions of operating system plays important role to run various application on the hardware and makes it usable for the user to interact with the system so that they can send command through input and receive result as a output. This article focus on how execute command successfully using basic characteristics, functions of operating system and role of operating system function.

Following components of operating system serves basic functions of OS to perform all the basic tasks of computer and acts as communication bridge (interface) between user and computer system.

I] Interface user and resources

II] Coordination between hardware resources

III] Memory Management

IV] Processor Management

V] Device Management

VI] File Management

VII] Security

VIII] Controlling

XI] Error Detecting

X] Job Accounting

I] Interface user and resources:

Operating System (OS) provides an interface between user and computer system through Graphical User Interface (GUI) or Command Line Interface (CLI)

II] Coordination between hardware resources:

An OS enables coordination of hardware components to make communication successful between software and hardware

III] Memory Management:

The OS allocates, de-allocates and manages the primary memory or main memory as per process request.

IV] Processor Management:

An OS decides the order in which processes have access to the processor, and how much processing time each process has. It is also called as process scheduling.

V] Device Management:

An Os manages all device communication via their respective drivers and keep tracks of all device connected to the system

VI] File Management:

An Operating System does the various activities for file management via file system and directories

VII] Security:

It helps to prevents unauthorized access to programs and user data.

VIII] Controlling:

Control and monitor over system health and performance

XI] Error Detecting:

An OS constantly monitors the system to detect errors and avoid the malfunctioning of computer system

X] Job Accounting:

Keeping track of time and resources used by various jobs and users

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