Frequently Used Defect Tracking Tools

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As a tester, we need tools to find bug / defect / issue / fault while testing large project. Once tester found defect in project then tester need to track, record, and report and communicate to the development team members. With the help of most popular top frequently used defect tracking tools should heave stronger mechanism to track reported software bug.

Bug / defect tracking tools or system support defect / bug life cycle.

Bug / defect tracking system should have following facilities -:
1] Find out and describe
2] Report
3] Assign
4] Measure severity
5] Root cause of defect
6] Status
Above mention facilities helps to claims tracked issues, resolve and communicate for better software quality.

Following are the most popular top frequently used defect tracking tools among the many more -:
1] Bugzilla -: It is highly configurable Open source and free defect tracking system developed originally for the simple and simple web based interface of Mozilla project

2] Bug tracking -: It is free 128-bit encryption connection and advance customization defect tracking system for fast and easy to use. It offers email notification, file attachment, tracking history.

3] AceProject -: It designed for project manager and developers to track the bug or defect.

4] ADT Web -: It is designed for small, medium and large software companies to track and simplify defects

5] Asi track -: It is native issue tracker designed exclusively for built-in real time notifications and personalized activity report system especially for project managers, developers and testers

6] Bontq -: Especially used for online bug and issue tracking system which offers integrated desktop or client screenshots and captures videos, email notifications etc.

7] Bugimpact -: it is professional issue tracking and project management system through standard web browser (project issue, workflow, screenshots, email notifications, build etc.

8] Bugvisor -: It support to capturing, managing, project issues, report and communication future request with fully customizable workflow

9] Lean testing -: It is designed and developed by testers for simplification

10] Dragonfly -: It is web based, cross browser and cross platform issue tracking system

11] JIRA -: It is project management application which provides recording, reporting, workflow and other related issues

12] Mantis -: It is lightweight, simple, customizable, open source and easily modifiable

13] Squish -: It support and designed for web based issue tracking

14] Track Studio -: It is flexible and customizable JAVA base defect tracking tool which support workflow, security, notification and report.

15] Quality Center -: It is HP, ALM, QC easy, effiecient bug tracking mechanism system. It support agile project

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