Frequently Asked Questions FAQ in Diploma, Pharmacy, Engineering, MBA, MCA Admission Process for 2018-2019

Following are the list of Frequently Asked Questions FAQ in Diploma, Pharmacy, Engineering, MBA, MCA Admission Process for 2018-2019 admission process
Que. 1] What is role Facilitation Centers (FC)?
Answer -: The Facilitation center shall facilitate the candidate to fill the Online Application Form, scan and upload the required documents without any charges.

The Facilitation Centre In-charge shall verify the information from the original copies of required documents and collect the duly signed application.

The Facilitation Centre In-charge shall confirm candidate’s Application Form through online system and issue the Receipt cum Acknowledgement of Application Form.

Que. 2] Are candidate’s fills online application form?
Answer -: Yes. The Candidates will also be able to fill in Online Application Form and upload the scanned copies of the required documents through any computer connected to internet from home, cybercafe.

After filling the information and submission of Application Form, the Candidates shall verify the data filled and correct it if required. The candidate shall take printout of the form and sign it.

The Printout of form shall have list of documents required to be produced by the candidate for substantiating his claim made in the application form.

Que. 3] Are candidate’s edit / update information in online application form?
Answer -: Yes. Candidate can edit/update the information in his application form before he confirms it at any of the Facilitation Centre.

After confirmation of application form data/information can’t be changed by candidate.

Que. 4] Can candidate submit remaining documents after FC and get category benefits?
Answer -: Yes. Candidates can submit the grievances with required document at Facilitation Centre where candidate has confirmed application form within the specified grievance period given in the schedule and again covert into his original category and get benefits.

Que. 5] How many options / choices can be filled?
Answer -: Candidates may fill in minimum 1 and maximum 300 choices of Institutes and Courses in decreasing order of their preference. The Option Form once confirmed by the Candidate through their login shall be considered for allotment in CAP Round I, II and III;

Que. 6] After confirmation of option form, can candidate change the option forms?
Answer -: No. The candidate will not be able to change the Options. But if they want to change the option form and preferences they can change form FC only

Que. 7] Which are the options available during CAP after allotted seat?
Answer -: During the CAP, before accepting the allotted seat in Round I, II and III, a Candidate can select the choice of ‘Freeze’, ‘Slide’ or ‘Float’ for subsequent round(s) through their login

Que. 8] When candidates select reporting option as ‘Freeze’, ‘Slide’ or ‘float’?
Answer -: If candidate get allotted seat as per his wish then he can select Freeze, otherwise he can go/ select for ‘Slide’ or ‘float’ for choice of higher preference

Que. 9] What will happen if a candidate fails to report for the acceptance of allotted seat at Admission Reporting Center in scheduled time?
Answer -: It will be treated as if he has rejected the allotted seat and such candidate shall not be eligible for CAP Round II and / or III. However such candidates will be able to participate in CAP Round IV.

Que. 10] What is the process of CAP Round-IV?
Answer -: i) Following candidates will be considered eligible for this round;

a. The eligible Candidates who have not been allotted any seat in any of the previous rounds or not participated by the way of not filling the Option form in CAP Round I; or

b. Those who have taken and cancelled their admission in the earlier rounds; or

c. Those who have rejected the offered seat by not reporting to the Admission Centre; or

d. Those who have Freezed the admission in earlier rounds but are desirous of changing the option to Floating or Sliding in this final round.

(ii) Candidates who have opted for Floating and Sliding and also applying for this round shall fill in the allotted institution in their choice list. Once the upward allotment is made the earlier allotment automatically stands cancelled;

(iii) Sliding and Floating options are not available for the seats allotted in this round as it is final CAP Round

Que. 11] What is the seat Acceptance / DD amont at Admission Reporting Center RC?
Answer -: Fee shall be
Rs. 5,000/- for Candidates of General Category, VJ/DT, NT, SBC/OBC Category and

Rs. 1,000/- for SC, ST Category Candidates

The fees is to be paid by Demand Draft in favour of ‘Commissioner, State CET Cell, Maharashtra State, Mumbai’ payable at ‘Mumbai’.

Que. 12] What is process Admissions in Institutional Quota / Management Quota and vacant seats after CAP
Answer -: If the seats remain vacant after all CAP Rounds, the said seats shall be filled in by the institution through Institution Level Round with the prior approval of the Competent Authority.

Que. 13] Will get admission if I failed to fill preference form in CAP I round?
Answer -: Yes. As per the current DTE process 2016, you can appear to CAP IV round / fill preference in CAP IV round.

Que. 14] Can I appear CAP round IV, if I failed to fill preference in CAP round I?
Answer -: Yes. As per the current DTE process 2016, you can appear to CAP IV round / fill preference in CAP IV round even you fail to fill preference in
CAP round I.

Que. 15] Is it necessary to report even if we dont wish to take admission in the alloted institution?
Answer -: Yes, if allotted college / institute is your favorite. If allotted college / institute is not favrorite then you can reject or float and go for betterment college or next CAP round.

Que. 16] Where I can report to confirm admission after getting allotted?
Answer -: For admission confirmation you have to report at Admission Reporting Centers (ARC).

Que. 17] What is the time schedule of Admission Reporting Centers (ARC) 2016?
Answer -: Admission Reporting Centers (ARC) time schedule is 10:30 AM to 5:00 PM excluding holiday.

Que. 18] Can I cancel admission after allotted in CAP round I, II and III and attain CAP round IV
Answer -: Yes

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  1. Aniket Sanjay Bharitkar

    Sir was my number D pharmacy cap round 2 but I went to ARC center and NotFreeze did I meet your college admission now? And what is the next process?

    1. If you allotted a college in CAP round II and done not freeze at ARC center then you can appear for CAP round III. It is also called as seat betterment (if you appear and will not allot any college in CAP round III then you can take admission in CAP round II allotted college). For more detailed rules and regulation visit DTE website

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