Error Guessing Testing

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Error guessing testing is the technique of software testing where bug or defect can be found by experienced tester.

Error guessing is a test case design technique where tester guess exact problematic area of an application based on previous experience.

It focuses on activity of error prone area of an application that has not been handled by other formal techniques.

Success of error guessing technique is depends on skilled tester to find out the list of possible defects.

It is designed to find out unexpected errors in testing operations and also find out how software fails.

Error guessing testing can be used in any level of software testing to find out the common defects like
– Divide by zero
– Blank space
– Invalid parameters
– Uploading files exceeding maximum limits

It is done by skilled and experienced testers.

Error guessing is best used after more formal techniques have been applied.

It does not provide full coverage of application testing.

Often it is used for better results.

It thinks situations where software will fail.

It has no explicit rule of testing.

It follows dynamic testing to create test cases.

It is also called as “Yield Testing.”

Example -:
In login page password will be considered as strong password if it is combination of characters, numbers and special symbols. This three can be parameter for testing login page. Error guess testing is to retest the login module by experienced tester after formal techniques.

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