Difference between Error Bug Defect Faults Failure

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 “A mistakes or errors in programming by programmer is called as error or mistakes, error or mistakes will found by tester during the testing is called as defect, defect accepted by programmer called as bug and because of bug system fails to do what it should to do (not perform intended functions) is called as failure.”

Error or Mistakes -:
A programmer action (designing and building) produces incorrect results called errors or mistakes because of errors.

Bug or Defect or Faults -:
Error encounters during the testing called bug or defects because fail to performs intended addition.
A program to perform in an unintended or unanticipated manner because of coding error, exception and faults and inform to programmer to re-correct.

Defect Free -:
A function performs its intended functions called that are expected result or defect free.

Failure -:
System fails to do what it should to do (actual result deviates from the expected result) because of errors in programming called as failure.

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