Difference between emulator and simulator

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Emulator is a piece of software program which gives real time mobile application experience to test mobile application view and behave. Simulator simulates internal behaviour of a real device. Emulator, Simulator and real device plays vital role in mobile application testing. Following are the key point’s focuses on difference between emulator and simulator based testing.

Emulator vs Simulator in mobile app testing used to test different devices without having in actual which describe as -:

S.N Focus Emulator Simulator
1 Definition It emulates real mobile device, S/W, H/W, OS which looks like real application It simulates only internal behaviour of device not emulates
2 Run on Run on Simulated mobile environment with the help of cross environment Run on desktop environment
3 Support Support to the physical interface Doesn’t Support to the physical interface
4 Complexity It is more complex than simulator It is less complex than emulator
5 Written in Written in machine level assembly language Written in high level language
6 Debugging It is more suitable for debugging It is more difficult for debugging
7 Re-implementation It is complete re-implementation of original software It is partial re-implementations of original software
8 Need To test internal behaviour, h/w, s/w, firmware To test external behaviour like calculation
9 Performance Appreciated Appreciated
10 Runs on Android, Windows iPhone, iPod

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