Defect Tracking Template

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Defect must be tracked and fixed to ensure user specified requirement and performance. The defect may arise in or during any phase of software development, but majorly it is raised, captured and tracked in testing phase. Defect tracking template allows us to test defect and correct prior completion of product and also it helps to monitor status of the process.

It is used by any member of the software development team.

It is also called as bug report or defect log template or bug defect tracking or defect tracking system or bug tracking system.

If bug / defect not tracked or logged or addressed, then it won’t be addressed or guided properly to the developers. Following are the list of key points included in defect tracking template to understand or record actual raised issues using defect tracking tools.

Name of Project Manager -:
Prepared By -:
Prepared Date -:
Version / Issue No -:

S.N Defect Tracking Particular Example Description
1 Test Case Id TC_1 Unique identifier of the defect
 2  Test Case Description Defect occurs Description of the defect occurred
3   Reported By Mr. Kumar Name of defect reporter
 4  Life Cycle Phase Requirement, Planning, Designing, Testing Defect found in development cycle
 5 Defect Priority High, Medium, Low Priority of defect to resolve
 6  Owner Ms. Pawar Defect found in which module, phase and developed by whom
7 Assigned To Ms. Pawar Defect assigned to correct
8 Assigned Date 17/03/2016 Date of assigned
9 Estimated Date to Fix 18/03/2016 Estimated date of fix the defect
10 Status of Defect Under review, In progress, Completed Status of progress of defect
11 Actual Date of Fix 20/03/2016 Actual date of fixed defect
12 Root Cause of Defect Logic Root cause of defect raise

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