Data Communication and Networking question Bank

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Following are the important frequently asked questions of Data Communication and Networking. This are useful in MCA / MCS / BCA / BCS

Long Answer Question -:
Q1. Difference between network ID and IP address?
Q2. Limitation of Class A, B and C?  How to find out network ID from a given IP address?
Q3. Define DNS? What do you mean by DNS? What is iterative or recursive resolution?
Q4. Explain SNMP organization? Limitations and advantages of SNMP?
Q5. What do mean Cryptography? Explain public Key Cryptography?
Q6. Define and Explain the Functionality of VPN?
Q7. Define Proxy Server?  Explain Proxy Web Server?
Q8. Explain in which form of data are managed at each layer of OSI model?
Q9. Define firewall its policies and advantages of firewall?
Q10. When DHCP is more appropriate? What are characteristics of DHCP? Explain DHCP address discovery process?
Q11. In TCP how data are managed in sender and at receiver site?
Q12. Design Issues of Wireless LAN?
Q13. What are DNS and DNS Protocol? In DNS how delegation of authority is executed?
Q14. Difference between POP and IMAP? What are the Advantages of IMAP over POP?
Q15. What is the difference between IPV4 and IPV6?
Q16. Define HTTP? What are the features of HTTP? Explain HTTP request header and response header.
Q17. In DNS how delegation of authority works?
Q19. What is IP Addressing? Explain different IP Addressing Schemes with example?
Q20. Explain different OSI Layers & its Functions?
Q21. Explain TCP/IP Mode in detail and IP Datagram Frame Format?
Q22. What is MIME? Explain its purpose and frame format?
Q23. What is framing? Explain different Framing methods?
Q24. Explain Error Detection? Different methods of Error Detection?
Q25. What is HDLC? Explain the Frame format of HDLC in detail and control field for S-Frame, I-Frame and U-Frame?
Q26. The received codeword is 1100100101011, check if there is error in the codeword if the divisor is 10101.
Q27. Compute the checksum in CRC and calculate the CRC for the frame 110101011 and generate Polynomial x4 +x+1 and write the transmitted frame also check the error with transmitted Frame.
Q. 28 For an IP address on class full network with the subnet mask determine network address, subnet address and host address.
Q. 29 If the received frame is 11010110111110 and the CRC generating polynomial is 10011 then determine if there is as error in the received message. IF there is no error in the received message the find the user data.
Q. 30 A fifteen bit hamming code is received as 110101100011001. What is the correct code?

Short Notes -:
1) Wi-Max
2) Cloud Computing
3) Cryptography
4) Digital Signature
5) SSL
6) Types of Firewalls
9) PPP
10) RIP
11) IP addressing
12) Network Topology
13) Router


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