6 best ways to boost customer loyalty and retention rate

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Being entrepreneurs and business owners make one common mistake in their marketing efforts, and that’s focusing only on how to attract new customers. These articles focus on Pro Marketing 6 best ways to boost customer loyalty and retention rate.

While the finest marketing strategies is focus on low response rates and turning their attention to an already captive audience can deliver impressive results. 

Your ability to retain existing and attract new customers can make or break your business. Studies or survey indicates that people who have already made a purchase from your company are more likely to do so again if they are getting excellent service or product.

So along with trying to bring or attract new customers, work on a retention strategy that builds lifetime value and loyalty for existing ones.

6 best ways to boost customer loyalty and retention rate:

Bellow given ways are the best spot understand customer need and provide them finest product or services to boost customer loyalty and retention rate:

1] Understand What Customers Want

2] Set Realistic Expectations

3] Prioritize Customer Service

4] Reward Desired Behavior

5] Ask for Advice & Feedback

6] Increase Personal Interactions (Customer Relation)

1] Understand What Customers Want:

This is most important point should be considered by the every business owner. Because of technology now it is easy to understand what customers want.

Identify, understand and ask existing, new and targeted customers what they would like to see from your business, and then work on providing it to them.

It helps to design product and services in effective manner

2] Set Realistic Expectations:

Be clear about what people can expect, want and desire. Based on customer expectation decide and deal with what you can consistently deliver realistically. They are like promise to deliver.

To fulfills the expectation burn out try to always deliver more than you promised. Whenever possible aims for providing better service than you are providing and try to exceed them.

It creates a stronger sense of loyalty to your business product and services.

Example: Pizza hut promises to deliver Pizza in 30 minutes anywhere

3] Prioritize Customer Service:

Always try to give priorities service to the customer as they expecting. If as a business owner we succeed to give then success is no far away from you.

Respond to queries, issues and feedback promptly, and if you promise a follow up, do it in time.

This activity makes higher customer satisfaction.

4] Reward Desired Behavior:

To boost customer loyalty and retention rate it is compulsory to set a loyalty program. This can be done reward points, discount coupons, referral points, review your company online, and share your social media pages, etc. for people who make repeat purchases.

It helps to increase customer base and revenue of the business

5] Ask for Advice & Feedback:

Be a proactive about collecting feedback from existing customers and ask them for advice on how you can improve for the betterment.

Design a standard process and act accordingly to accomplish them.

This makes customers feel valued and respected, thus it helps to strengthening their bond with your company.

6] Increase Personal Interactions (Customer Relation):

Personal touch or call is a moment where customer may feel happy and valued to the organization.

Celebrate your success with them.

Interact with them for

Birthday wishes

Product recommendation

Discount, coupon and referral bonus etc

via phone call, emails and using social media.

If you follow strictly above 6 way effectively then be ready to

“Celebrate Your Success”

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