How to Create A YouTube Channel and Earn Money

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Yes, you can create a YouTube channel and earn money and also you can create your own brand. In the technocracy world most of the people’s use internet for various purpose. Every day people watch number of YouTube video and generate billions of views and channels earn money through YouTube.

All individuals, group community, friends group, NGO’s, small, medium and big business are actively using YouTube and spread their existence across the country.

End user or customer may change their buying and selling behaviour because of what information getting around them through personal and social media source. So, everyone wants to reach to the customer and create brand value in customer’s mind simply through effective YouTube video.

Now you create YouTube channel in few minute using following information
Gmail Account / if not then click here to create account

Valid Phone number / Mobile number

Valid Address

Valid Bank Account Details

Quality Contents Videos

Now its main question how to create a YouTube channel and earn money using Google account followed by simple and quick process:-

1] Open YouTube:- Enter YouTube in Google or enter in address bar

2] Click on right hand side corner screen sign in :- Only if you have Google account, if not then create your account

3] Select your personal or company Gmail account:- Select account to proceed toward YouTube

4] Enter account password and submit

5] Click on right hand side user icon:- Once you click on user icon then we can see creator studio, setting, sign out etc.

6] Create on creator studio button

7] Display channel dashboard:- View of YouTube channel

8] Click on channel label and fill and verify information

9] Click on monetization and do some changes in setting for adsens

10] Upload video

11] Share uploaded video through social media and email

Well come to YouTube channel. Now you are eligible to earn money through YouTube once your video will reach 10,000 public views. This requirement allows us to properly evaluate new channels and helps protect creator content.

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