Compare incremental vs spiral vs RAD vs waterfall model

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Following are the to 14 points to Compare incremental vs spiral vs RAD vs waterfall model -: To achieve structured and controllable software development efforts, various development models are being used. All models are acceptable in development process because of systematic way to accomplish in orderly way. To develop product development project in SDLC, each model of SDLC has its own unique features.

All models are used to manage complexity during software development process. The aim of all models are to deliver quality product.

Following are the points focus on how incremental, spiral, RAD and waterfall models are differed from in terms of requirement, planning, duration required, strategies applied, cost, testing, deployment etc.

S.N Features Incremental Spiral RAD Waterfall
 1  Requirement  Beginning  Beginning  Time boxed release  Beginning
2  Planning  Yes Yes Not require Yes
3  Documentation  Yes Yes Not necessary Yes
4  Handle large project  Not necessary  Yes  Not necessary  Not necessary
5 User involvement Intermediate High At beginning only At beginning only
6 Returning to early phase Yes Yes Yes No
7  Cost Low High Low Low
8 Modifications Easy Easy Easy Difficult
9 Duration Long Long Short Long
10 Testing After each iteration After each iteration After coding After coding
11 Risk low Medium to high low High
12 Maintenance Easy Hard Easy Easy
13 Reuse Up to some extent Up to some extent Yes Up to some extent
14 Framework Iterative and Linear Iterative and Linear Linear Linear

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