Project Topics

Science Project Ideas for School Students

Following are the list of latest project ideas for School Student. These are helpful for high school as well as other students to understand science concept.
1. Magnifying glass
2. Serving tray
3. Soap making
4. Gift making
5. Rain gauge
6. Fan based on wind speed
7. Wastage dumping effect on citizen
8. Snow bubbles
9. Water patter observation using different liquids
10. Different Kite making
11. Different Toy making
12. Color film making using glass and water with color
13. Wooden gun making for diwali
14. Lightening bulb using cell
15. Balloon blow using soda, vinegar with water
16. Static electricity using comb, tissue paper and balloon using hair
17. Observe gas foam pressure using diet coke and mentos
18. Drip irrigation
19. Gas explosion using small plastic bag with pouring gas into bag
20. Salad decoration using defferent vegetables and fruits
21. Gravity defying water experiment using water, glass and card
22. Flute making using wooden, tree leaf
23. Magnifying bubble making using water, oil, alka seltzer, food dye and light
24. String phone with the help of cup or match box to study sound wave
25. Kaleidoscope making
26. Tree plantation study
27. Wheel cart making using waste wheels and material
28. Chocolate making

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Project topics for Computer science

These lists of project topics are very useful for Computer Science students to develop project in .Net, C#, JAVA, Android, C and C++.
Following are the best and latest project topics for Computer Science students
1. Patient management system
2. Stock management system
3. Agricultural irrigation management system
4. Agricultural motor management system
5. Dairy management system
6. Network monitor management system
7. LAN chat system
8. College management system
9. Online student admission management system
10. Virtual class room
11. Online CET exam administration system
12. Online feedback management system
13. Training and placement management system
14. Task management system
15. Biometric attendance management system
16. Student performance analysis management system
17. Online poling for CR election
18. Bill generation system
19. Order management system
20. Transportation management system
21. Land information system
22. SUDOKU game
23. Snake game
24. Online bidding and auction system
25. E commerce
26. E governance
27. E Gram panchayat
28. Online reservation system
29. Online banking transaction image password creations system
30. Gym management (Health Recording) system
31. CRM
32. HR management system
33. ERP
34. Compiler
35. Editor
36. Online Doctor prescription system
37. CCTV management system
38. Bar code recognition
39. Home electronic remote control system
40. Reminder and quick memo system
41. Home budget calculator system
42. GPRS

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Project topics for Computer Engineering

These lists of project topics are very useful for Computer Engineering students to develop project in .Net, C#, JAVA, Android, C and C++.
Following are the best and latest project topics for Computer Engineering students
1. Traffic and congestion management
2. Railway tracking and local train system
3. Bus tracking system
4. Private vehicle tracking system
5. Marketing employee tracking system through mobile id
6. Patient tracking system
7. Bug tracking system
8. Library management system
9. Hospital management system
10. Transport management system
11. Hotel management system
12. Travel management system
13. Cab management system
14. Placement cell management system
15. Event management system
16. Project management system
17. E commerce management
18. E bank cash management
19. E attach prevention management
20. E marketing management
21. E mandai
22. E satbara
23. Online library management
24. Online mobile shopping
25. Online reservation system
26. Online job consultancy service
27. Online visiting card system
28. Online T shirt printing system
29. Online hospital info management system
30. Online blood bank management system
31. Online diagnostic lab report system
32. Online loan application and verification system
33. Online product review for quality improvement
34. Online examination system
35. Online CR voting system
36. Online stock marketing and stock analysis
37. Online feedback system
38. Online work-flow management system
39. Online logistic management system
40. Student attendance management system
41. SEO management system

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MBA Project Topics

Following are the project topics for MBA BBA -:

1. Analysis of Investment Opportunities
2. Analysis of Mutual Fund Schemes
3. Analysis of Industrial Policies and Strategies
4. Equity analysis of banks
5. A study of global economic crisis: pros and cons
6. Impact of microeconomic factors on industry
7. Impact of microeconomic factors on market
8. Impact of share market on industry
9. Foreign Direct Investment in developing countries
10. Effect of discount on customer
11. ERP and SAP implementation in SME

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Project Topics for MCA

Project Topics for MCA BCA BCS which is very important to present what you developed as a internship or industrial training to solve the problem. Following are the list of project topics for MCA BCA, BCS, and information technology

1. Library Management
2. Hospital Management
3. Inventory Management
4. Call Center Management
5. Feedback Management System
6. Leave Management
7. Logistic Management System
8. Water Management System
9. Hotel Management
10. Placement Cell Management
11. Blood Donation Management System
12. Crime Management System
13. Mall Management System
14. Project Management
15. Hostel Management
16. E-Commerce
17. E-Shoppe
18. E-Bidding
19. E-Wallet
20. E-Chatting
21. E-Voting
22. E-Test Management
23. Defect Tracking
24. Online Ticket Reservation System
25. Online Recipe
26. Online Insurance
27. Doctors on Click
28. Campaign Information System
29. Real Estate
30. Virtual Classroom
31. ERP
32. CRM
33. Hacking
34. RFID Security
35. Simulation
36. Speech Recognition
37. Interactive Wireless
38. Image Processing
39. Internet Mailing System
40. Mobile Computing
41. Digital Signature

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Group Discussion Topics

Group Discussion (GD) Topics for Competitive Exams and Campus Drives-:

1. Role of Computers / IT in our day to day life
2. IT – A pros and cons
3. Computer progress should be helpful for human progress
Social -:
1. Should Government Ban On Child Labor
2. Literacy v/s Education
3. Should porn stars be accepted in Indian film industry?
4. English language should be made the Official Language
5. Love marriage is better than arrange marriage
6. Are Hindi movies harming our culture?
7. Sons are more caring than daughters
8. Brain-Drain has to be stopped
9. Being rich is being successful
10. Is reservation for women helpful to society?
11. Joint family v/s single family
12. Should journalism out of the premises of censorship
13. NGOs – Do they serve people’s interests?
14. Rain water harvesting is the need of future
1. Is education qualifications required for politician?
2. Necessity of Women Quota for Women Empowerment
3. Retirement of politician age should be decided
4. Should voters be given NOTA (None of the above) in democracy?

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