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Top 3 Tips for How to Face Interview Confidently

Most of the people always stressed as they hear about interview or just thinking on how to face interview. Before facing an interview confidently just keep in mind an interview is not only test knowledge and behavior, it test honesty too. Top 3 tips for how to face interview confidently helps to do better.

Below are the given tips helps to face interview confidently, to stay cool and calm instead of being a nervous and wreck.

I] Before Interview

II] On the day of interview

III] Know what should not do

I] Before Interview:

1] Research about company/organization
2] Read Job Description or roles and responsibility
3] Go through your CV
4] Prepare to answer common questions
5] Practice answering these common question in different way

Note: Focus on CV because most of the questions raised on CV itself where is the mentioned introduction, objectives, skills, career change, strength and weakness, project done previously etc.

II] On the day of interview:

1] Dress Well:

The way you dress make a statement or impression about yourself. Attention to look smart

2] Be on time:

Reach before scheduled interview time (at least 15 minutes). It not only shows your punctuality but also it helps you to make yourself stress free.

3] Face Interview:

1] Knock the door

2]Greeting to the interviewer

3] Maintain smile on face

4] Speak with confidently

5] Seat straight

6] Engage in a Dialogue

7] Be Open and Honest

8] Make sure to thank your interviewers at last

Be relax and don’t worry so much, because you both (interviewee and interviewer) need to give respect and go ahead with open minded and honesty.

III] Know what should not do

You should avoid few things when you go to interview because you don’t know on which basis interviewer will judge you. Here are few things you should avoid at the time of interview

1] Avoid sharing overly personal information
2]Loose talking about your previous company
3] Avoid your habitual activity (e.g Scratching head, moving feet etc.)

Best Luck

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Selenium Interview Questions and Answers for Experienced

Que.1] What is Selenium?
Ans -: It is automated tool used to automate only web based application. It support functional and regression testing.

Que.2] For which operating system (OS) selenium support
Ans -: MS Window, Linux, Macintosh

Que.3] For which browser selenium support etc
Ans -: Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, chrome etc.

Que.4] Which language selenium support?
Ans -: To enhance the automated test cases Java, C#, PHP, Python, Perl, Ruby etc.are used. Java is most used used in automated testing.

Que.5] When selenium was launched?
Ans -: Selenium was launched in 2001.

Que.6] When selenium webdriver was launched?
Ans -: Selenium webdriver was launched in 2006.

Que.7] When Selenium 2 is launched?
Ans -: Selenium 2 was launched in 2008. It is merged with webdriver and RC

Que.8] Which are the part of Selenium 1?
Ans -: Selenium 1 consist IDE (Integrated Development Environment), RC and selenium grid

Que.9] Which are the part of Selenium 2?
Ans -: Selenium 2 consist IDE (Integrated Development Environment), RC (Remote Control), Webdriver and selenium grid

Que.10] How much Selenium cost?
Ans -: Selenium is open source, can download free of cost from seleniumhq website. It is license with Apache 2.0

Que.11] What are the selenium component or selenium tools?
Ans -: Selenium components are IDE, RC, Webdriver and Grid

Que.12] What is Selenium IDE and how it works?
Ans -: IDE is a tool to create and execute test cases. It has record and playback feature

Que.13] What are the features of selenium IDE?
Ans -: Record and playback test cases, execute group of test cases (test suit) and edit test script

Que.14] What are the drwaback of selenium IDE?
Ans -: It supports only Mozila Firefox not other browsers. It doesn’t support flow control statement, programming language and complicated programs. It doesn’t support random test cases

Que.15] What is data driven test cases?
Ans -: Data driven test cases means executing test cases using multiple test case data

Que.16] What is selenium RC (Remote Control)?
Ans -: Rc support execution of test cases and multiple languages like java, c#, perl, php, python etc. It support random test cases. It support varius browser and flow control and control program

Que.17] What are the disadvantages of RC
Ans -: It is tekes more time to execute test cases. It doesn’t support parallel execution.

Que.18] Whar is selenium webdriver/
Ans -: Slenenium webdriver support execution of test cases and multiple languages like java, c#, perl, php, python etc. It support varous programming interface and operating environemnt. It support data driven test cases. Also support cross browset testing. It is faster than than other selenium suit.It support parallel test cases link TestNG. It provides summary only

Que.19] What is element locator?
Ans -: Element locator in selenium is used to locate elements or objects from web page

Que.20] What is selenium grid?
Ans -: Selenium grid used only test execution. It is not used to test design. It helps to run parallel test case execution in different RC. It helps to reduce time

Que.21] What is the difference between selenium and UFT (QTP)?
Ans -: Selenium is open source. It support multiple browser.It support various programming and scripting language. It requires install firebug and fire path plugins to inspect elements.
UFT is vender tool (license tool). It support only MS window.It support VB script only. It has built in object spy to inspect elements.

Que.22] What are the testing framework used in selenium/
Ans -: Junit (helps to execute test batches and generate test report) and TestNG (used to execute test suite and parallel testing).

Que.23] How to configure selenium?
Ans -: a] Download and install java software
b] Dowload and extract IDE
c] Download and install firbug and fire path plugins for firefox browser to inspect elements
d] Download selenium webdriver

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Interview Questions on Selenium

Interview questions on selenium basic and webdriver for freshers. Selenium is a tool used for browser automation which is composed by IDE, recording and playback mechanism. Following are the frequently asked questions in interview

1. What is selenium
2. What is difference between QTP and Selenium
3. What is difference between current and previous version of selenium
4. What are the tests performed by selenium
5. Is selenium is commercial or open source
6. Which programming language is best for selenium test
7. What is TestNG
8. What is frameworks and what are the different frameworks
9. What is Datadriven framework and Keyword driven framework
10. What is selenium IDE
11. What are the components of selenium
12. What is selenium RC (Remote Control)
13. What is selenium WebDriver
14. What are the types of drivers in WebDriver
15. What is selenium Grid
16. How RC, WebDriver and Grid works
17. What is difference between selenium IDE and selenium RC
18. How many browsers are supported by selenium
19. Which are the languages used in selenium RC
20. What is selenese
21. What are the types of locators in selenium
22. Which parameter can we pass in selenium
23. What is same origin policy
24. What is implicit and explicit wait
25. What is object repository
26. How to verify contents, video and images in selenium
27. What is findElement and findElements
28. What are the commands used in selenium
29. How can we read data from different format
30. Can we automate radio button
31. Can we maximize window

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Interview Questions on QTP

Interview Questions on QTP for Freshers. QTP Quick Test Professional is a product of Hewlett Packard (HP) which uses Visual Basic Scripting. It helps to tester to performs an automated testing functionality

1. What is QTP
2. What are the extensions used in QTP
3. Which technologies support to QTP
4. What are the default add-ins in QTP
5. Does QTP run in any environment
6. Why is Initial and End conditions in automated tests important to consider and plan for?
7. What are the views in QTP GUI
8. What is the difference between keyword view and expert view
9. What are the modes of recording in QTP
10. How to start and stop recording using keyboard
11. Is it possible to customize keyword view font and colors
12. What is characterization
13. What is object repository and how it works
14. What are the types of object repository
15. What is the difference between shared and local object repository
16. When we will use shared object repository and when local object repository
17. When object repository read
18. Can we modify shared object repository
19. What is object spy
20. What is virtual object
21. How we can call from one action to other action
22. What is step generator
23. What is test fusion report
24. How can handle exceptions in QTP
25. What is run time data table
26. What is check point and output value
27. How Reporter.ReportEvent Works

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Interview Questions on Automation Testing

Interview Questions on Automation Software Testing

1. What is difference between manual and automation software testing
2. Does automation testing replace manual testing
3. When we will automate test
4. What kind of test should not be automate
5. What are the steps involved in automation software testing
6. What are the primary features of good automation tool
7. What are the popular tools for  automation testing
8. On what basis can we map success of automation testing
9. Will automates testing tool make testing easier and how
10. What are the risk associated to automated testing
11. What is tree view in automation testing

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Basic Interview Questions on C

Basic interview questions on C programming

1.    What is global, local, static, register variable and auto variable
2.    Differentiate global, local, static, register and auto variable with example
3.    Where does global, local, static, register and auto variable get stored?
4.    What is scope of a variable? How are variables scoped
5.    Can we start global variable as a zero
6.    Why we use constant variable and what are the advantages?
7.    Do variables need to be initialized?
8.    What is declaration and definition of variable and differentiate them with example
9.    Where C program instruction get stored?
10.    What is internal static and external static variable?
11.    What are the benefits of using an enum rather than a #define variable?
12.    Can static variable be declared in a header file
13.    Are the variable argc and argv are local to main()
14.    How pointer variable is declared?
15.    How can you determine the maximum value that a numeric variable can hold?
16.    What are different storage class specifiers

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Manual Testing Interview Questions

Manual software testing interview questions for freshers

1. Steps of software testing life cycle?
2. Objectives of software testing?
3. What are the levels of software testing?
4. What is mean by unit testing, integration, system and acceptance testing?
5. What is mean by alpha and beta testing?
6. Difference between static and dynamic testing?
7. Difference between manual and automation testing?
8. What are the Types of testing?
9. What is mean by usability, regression and performance testing?
10. What is mean by review?
11. What are the types and classes of reviews?
12. Why Cyclometric testing is used?
13. What is mean by black box and white box testing?
14. Techniques of black box testing?
15. Techniques of white box testing?
16. What is mean by low level and high level testing?
17. What is the use of equivalence partitioning and BVA?
18. What is mean by path, statement and branch and decision statement?
19. What is the use of test cases?
20. What is the use of test plan and what are the contents
21. What is mean by checklist?
22. Difference between black box and white box testing?
23. What are the objectives of automation testing?
24. Who are the participants of meeting/reviews/inspection process?
25. What is mean by tester’s workbench?
26. What is mean by load testing and performance testing?
27. What are the Quality factors for quality software
28. What are the CMM level
29. What is six sigma, how it is useful
30. Process improvement and quality metrics
31. What is SQA. Explain Activities of SQA
32. What is Reliability. What are the measures and models of reliability
33. V and V model
34. Software inspection
35. Static analyzer
36. What is Clean room software engineering
37. What is mean by FTR (Formal Technical Review)

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