Capability Maturity Model CMM Levels

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The software Engineering Institute (SEI) has developed a comprehensive model Capability Maturity Model (CMM) that is predicted on a set of software engineering capabilities that should be present as organizations to reach different level of process maturity to achieve product quality and standard.

CMM is a service mark owned by Camegie Mellon University and refers to a development model from actual data. When it is applied to an existing organization for software development process, it allows an effective approach towards improving them.

The CMM provides a theoretical continuation along which process maturity can be developed incrementally from one level to the next level. Skipping level is not allowed / feasible.

CMM is a model of 5 level of organizational maturity that determines effectiveness in delivering quality software.

Organization can receive CMM rating by undergoing assessment by qualified auditors.
1]INITIAL-: Chaos, periodic and heroic effort requires completing project. If any processes in place success may not be repeatable.

2]REPEATED-: Software project tracking, requirement management, realistic, planning and coordination management processes are in place successful practices can be repeated.

3]DEFINE-: Standard software development and maintenance processes are integrated throughout an organization.

4]MANAGED-: Metrics are used to track productivity, processes and product. Project performance is predictable and quality is consistently high.

5]OPTIMIZE-: The focus is on continuous improvement.

CMM Integrated as
Level    Focus    Process Areas
5 Continuous Process Improvement    Organizational improvement,Casual Analysis and Resolution
4 Quantitative Management    Organizational process performance, Quantitative project Management
3  Process Standardization    Requirement Development, Technical Solution, Product Integration, V & V
2    Basic Project Management, Requirement Management, Project Planning, Monitoring & Control, Quality Assurance
1    Chaos, periodic and heroic effort to complete project
Final outcome of the CMM is Productivity & Quality

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