Business Requirement Document BRD Template

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Business Requirement Document (BRD) is a formal agreement between the organization and customer for product. BRD document makes a clear distinction among the business objective and the technical objective. It gives details the business solution for a project which includes the documentation of customer needs and expectations.

A business requirement document states a high-level business objective of the organization that builds a product or an objective of the customer.

It is a structured document for project requirements which defines what should be delivered to the customer in order to gain value in the project.

BRD contains a both functional and non functional requirement which leads to creation or update product, system or a software if existing modified

It is customer relationship specification so requirement will be in business language that’s why it is also called as customer relationship specification.

Based on collected requirement analyst or responsible person can make control flow / flow chart so that any one from all teams can understand within stipulated time.

BRD indicates only which is the functionality required not how to achieve features and functionality.
Purpose of Business Requirement Document (BRD) -:

It describes business needs and goals, the processes required to meet them, and the key operational and environmental factors that influence what is built and why

Following are the key elements of BRD which covers wide area / requirement / features of product-:

1. Objective of project

2. Business Problem Statement

3. Current Business Process

4. Scope Statement

5. Key Business Objectives

6. Project Completion Criteria

7. Risks & Contingency

8. Assumptions

9. Functional & Non-Functional Requirements

10. Cost and scheduling

11. New/Modified Business Process

12. Training

13. Stakeholder List

14. Quality Measures

15. Checklists (Process and Requirements)

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