Basic Interview Questions on C

Basic interview questions on C programming

1.    What is global, local, static, register variable and auto variable
2.    Differentiate global, local, static, register and auto variable with example
3.    Where does global, local, static, register and auto variable get stored?
4.    What is scope of a variable? How are variables scoped
5.    Can we start global variable as a zero
6.    Why we use constant variable and what are the advantages?
7.    Do variables need to be initialized?
8.    What is declaration and definition of variable and differentiate them with example
9.    Where C program instruction get stored?
10.    What is internal static and external static variable?
11.    What are the benefits of using an enum rather than a #define variable?
12.    Can static variable be declared in a header file
13.    Are the variable argc and argv are local to main()
14.    How pointer variable is declared?
15.    How can you determine the maximum value that a numeric variable can hold?
16.    What are different storage class specifiers

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