Automation of Test Execution

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Test Automation testing is a testing technique which is used to implement / automate process of a manual testing and entire life cycle of the software in minimum time. Automation of test execution provides efficiency and effectiveness to the testing software and develops software value.

Execution can be performed using the automation tool directly or through the Test Management tool which will invoke the automation tool.

To automate test execution testers need to write a suitable script by own to test software and execute test case suits with the help of tool (It means without any manual involvement)

As per the written script automation software can enter test data into the system under test, compare expected and actual result and generate detailed test report.

Once the test suite automated, no human intervention is required. Also it is possible to record this test suite and replay it when it is required.

Automation of test is used to reduce the number of test cases to be run manually and not eliminate manual testing all together.

Manual Test cases for login: –
Test Case ID Precondition Test  Case Description Test Case Procedure Test Case


Expected Result Actual Result Status Priority
Login001 Internet should be on Open Login Windows From Home Page Click on Login Button      Enter URL Login window should be


Login window Open Pass
Login002 User name should be available Check User Field In Login Window Enter User Name User Name =kaps User Name should be accepted and focus should be shifted to password field User Name Accepted Pass
Login003 Password should be available Check Password Field in Login Window Enter Password Password=12345 Password Should Be accepted Password Accepted Pass
ES Login004 Enter valid user name and password Open Logged In User Profile Click on login Button  Click on login button User  Profile Page should be open User Profile Page Opened Pass


Above manual test cases can be automate with the help of script. It is done with the help of following process

Choose the appropriate tool for the test automation

Identify areas within software to automate

Write test script

Develop test suite

Execute test script

Build result report

When to automate an application: –
Test suite can be automate based on following scenario of the software

Business critical test cases (High risk)

Requirement do not change frequently

Test cases that are executed repeatedly

Test cases that complicated and difficult to perform manually

Time consuming test cases

When not to automate an application: –

Test cases that are newly designed and not executed manually at least once

Frequently changing requirement

Executed on ad-hoc basis

Benefits of Automation of Test Execution: –

It is faster than manual

Increase productivity

Wider test coverage

Save time and cost

No human intervention is required

Reusable test script

Increase efficiency

Reduce repetitive wok

More cycle of execution can be done when it is required

Early time to market

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