Automated Static Analysis

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 Automated Static Analysis is help developers to eliminate software defects at early stages and produce more reliable software at a lower cost.

It automatically checks the source code for conformity with a predefined set of rules which is set by the company.

It is used for empirical evaluation on the basis of
– Designing
– Coding
– Storage Management

Automated Static analysis tools are a fast and efficient at finding code defects and inconsistencies, especially in large code bases, including older legacy code and newly created code.

A static code analysis tool can help with your code review process by
– Detecting areas in the code that need to be refactored and simplified.
– Finding areas of the code that may need more testing or deeper review.
– Identifying design issues such as cyclometric complexity.
– Identifying potential software quality issues before the code moves to next level.

Automatic Static analysis tools Checks
– Data Faults
– Control Faults
– Input / Output Faults
– Interface Faults
– Storage Management Faults
– Path Analysis

Advantage -:
1] Detection of defects earlier in the process, when they are easier and more cost effective to fix.
2] Eliminating unnecessary program components and ensuring that the software being analyzed is compatible with other programs likely to be run concurrently

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