Alpha Vs Beta Testing

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Nearly completion of software development process, alpha and beta testing plays vital role to verify whether software functionality meets user specified requirements or not. Following are the key points includes in alpha vs beta testing

S. No Alpha Testing Beta Testing
1 Alpha testing evaluates the system with reference to user specified requirement Beta testing evaluates the live application of software where actually used
2 Testing conducted nearly completion of project Testing conducted before launching or releasing
3 It is conducted within organization It is conducted outside the organization
4 It is conducted in controlled environment It is conducted in real time or live environment
5 It is performed by tester or developer It is performed by client or end user
6 It is not open to public (private) It is open to public
7 Get feedback from testers or development team Get feedback from actual customer
8 Developer records all the problems and errors during the testing Customer records all raised issues and report to the development teams
9 It test software application and project It test software product
10 It follows black and white box testing It follows black box testing
11 It consist many iterations It consists few iterations
12 It is done before the beta testing It is done after the alpha testing
13 It is also called as private testing It is also called as field testing

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